lacrosse game

The boy did ask the man, he asked him what he remembered most.
Now the man be quiet for a wile and you could see him tinken
and you could see his eyes get a little tear full maybe
and the man spoke to the boy very softly

he told the boy it wasnt the great game you mite be tinken
it was another game, it was a game before that one
i still remember that game like it be yesterday today he said
i remember the blue sky being bluer then it ever be before
i remember the grass being so green and i could see every blade

i remember just feelin the breeze be blowin thru mi helmet
and i be lookin at the fans and seein all the colors they be wearin
i remember lookin in them seats and seein if i could see mom & dad
and i thought how many years had gone by

i stood at midfield just talkin talk to the attackman
the game was endin and we just be runin out the time
and as if he knew, the attackman stop talkin to me and he walk away
and i be standin alone seein all these things i be tellin you

now this be my last game i ever play at home
this be the end of all i gave all i could for
and this game i remember more then all

it be kinda funny i cant remember the score
i be tinken the score aint so important any more
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