The Lacrosse Poem

Now this be the big game, the biggest of the year
and there be lots a folks a comin to see the battle here
for they be undefeeted and we be just the same
so the fans be comin to see the greatest game

Their star player play the defense and he be mean as can be
when children see him they start the crien, mothers wailin
and fathers turn there had in the shame
they say he got one green eye and one as black as nite,
his arms be huge, his legs like trees,his fist seen many fites
the long stick he does carry and he swings it with no fears
so many attackmen have a fallen for all these many years
now they say Joe be the baddest man that ever played the game
but we got Ryan and he be the best attackman ever made.

Ryan be the fastest he moves with the litenin speed
he can shoot behind his back scoren when ever he does need
there aint no one that can stop our boy aint no body here,
not old mean nasty Joe and Ryan aint got no fear.
Just give the ball to Ryan and let him take his man
let the slide be comin and do the best you can
for the goalieman never sees it, it happens too darn fast
that ball be flyin past him, into the corner of the net

Now the game it be a startin and the players take the field
the fans just goin crazy and the tension starts to build
the weather it be perfect though they say a storm is moving in
everyone just be wunderin just who is goin to win

our team wins the faceoff and quickly pass the ball around
it takes but a moment till Ryan gets smashed to the ground
the fans they be a screemin callin Joe some nasty name
and the ref throws the flag and old Joe leaves the game

all eyes turn back to Ryan and hes slow in gettin up
he shakes his head a little and now hes standin up
The game it start again while old Joe is just standin by
and it only takes a second for Ryan to let his first shot fly
there be no question if he scores cus he never miss the goal
there only be a question if it goes in or hits the pole .

This shot found its mark and we be the first to score
then Ryan waved his hand to us to tell us he be scorin more
and Joe throws down his helmet and his face be gettin mad
and he starts a chasen Ryan our dear kind gentle lad
now the refs they grab old Joe and the flags they do soar
and they warn him one more tine and he will play no more.
Well our team has a field day with mean old Joe standing by
Ryan scored at will no matter how hard they do try
and when they let old Joe back in the game the half be almost here
and we now lead there team by ten and fame be getting near

The second half was different and things just dont go our way
i saw there coach be telling Joe sumptin just before the play
old Joe seems so intense like i never seen before
and for the first time ever Ryan didnt score.
yes old mean Joe come sliden after a pick or two
and Ryan never saw him comin and across the field he flew
it bee very wicked hit the worst i ever seen
the crowd did boo but the ref said it was clean
Ryan lost the ball it just be layin on the ground
so old Joe scoops it up and he be headin down
and he just run down our defense like it not being there
and he rips a shot pass our goalie and walks away like he dont care

Now Ryan cant do nothin, old Joe is tyin him in knots
and their team battles back and they be scorin lots
and when i check the scoreboard it be sayin now 10 to 10
and there just be a minute left until this game does end
but it be gettin darker and the storm be gettin near
and we knew liten is comin that be our greatest fear
you feel the cold air blowin and the clouds be rol1in in
the storm it was a comin, the storm was comin in

But Ryan has the ball with just seconds left to play
and when the D-man slide comes, he passed the ball away
the shot it hit the goalie and bounced down to the ground
so the goalieman come flyin out but Ryan is what he found
and now without the goalie in the cage and Ryan all alone
we knew it would be seconds and we all be goin home
and we be the winners of the greatest game played
but sumptin just did happen as the lite began to fade

For now old Joe done stepped into the net to bloack that final shot
so Ryan threw a fake or two and fired with all he got
but just as that shot done left his stick to be the winin score
the litenin stricke rite at the net and the thunder it did roar
the blast it be enormous and the litenin be so brite
but not a soul did move on this strange, strange nite
for the goal now be a missin and Ryan cant be found
old meen Joe be gone and the ball just aint around
and now the fans start runin and the players leave the field
the storm is really comin and the litenin starts to build

no one knows what really happened on this fateful day
but i think i know, i be thinkin old man God had his way
see, i dont think they had lacrosse in heaven, it be sumptin new
so God reached down and took old Joe and Ryan thats what He did do
He took from us the very best so they be teaching Him the game
so when old lacrosse players pass away they can join the same
now the greatest game be ever played will be played here never more
for now the greatest game be goin on forever just inside heavens door
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