Last Game

now this boy be a little different from us
his skin maybe a little darker now
and when he did speak
it aint be like you or me
he was kinda small and he be keepin to himself
that boy was a little different from us

but i be tellin you this now
aint nobody i ever see that could shoot like him
when he get that stick in his hand it be like magic
when he get that stick in his hand he be the best

he could turn on a dime
he made the big kids look reel bad
and the big kids dont like to be playin him

his shot was a rocket aint no doubt
and he shot behind
from under
or standin on his head
he was the best i ever seen

when he played he played with all he got
and big kids would pound on him
but he all ways got up
sum times they hit him so hard and so late
sum times i be gettin so mad at them big kids
but he loved the game and so he played

now when the hitten didnt stop him
and when the slides and doubles did no good
they just start callin him names
at first he walked away and didnt seem to mind
cuse he knew he loved to play the game

but the names they be callin him
were nails driven deep
and soon his shots seem to miss
and his cuts aint so quick

i could see the lite begin to dim
and his game began to fade
he couldnt fite how he was
he couldnt get up from the names
but he loved the game and so he played

now one day he be gettin hit so hard it done nock him out
and it be goin reel slow but they finally take him out
with his helmt off i be sein the tears just streemin down
and there be no teem mate beside him on that old wood bench
he just be sitten alone watchen that game he love so much

sum folks say that hit ended his game
and big kid said he ended that boys game
see he never played again
he never played the game he loved so much
cuse he knew he cant be playin the game all by him self
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