big butt kid

man you should have seen this kid
he had the biggest head i ever did see
them coaches found the biggest helmet
that ever been found
and they crammed it on
that big headed kid

that kid had the biggest butt too
it be a really big butt
makin his shorts fit all funny
like the back be short or sumptin

so here be this big headed
and enormous butt kid
that be playin the attack
and he be lovin the playin

sum times when i be playin near
i hear a fart blast out
the smell be wettin your eyes
felt sorry for the D guy

but i tell you this now
when you be gettin close
to the big headed kid
with the big butt

and you be lookin in that helmit
he be chewin on sum gum
and you all ways be seein
that ship eatin grin

dont matter to him
big head or big butt
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