lots of shots

he be sayin he had seen enough
no more shots
no more playin
but the way i be figurin
he be startin when he be 7
fall ball plus summer legues
and the regular season
maybe 50 shots to be warmin up
and that be 30 shots a game
so not countin the practicin
that be now maybe
80 shots times 50 games
times 15 years of playin
now that only be 60,000 shots

and i be figurin 4 practicin a week
and about the twice the number of shots
with all them drills and all
so that be about 100 practicins
for them same 15 years
times about 150 shots more or the lessin
and that be about 225,000 shots

so i be addin all that up
and you might be gettin 315,000 shots

be soundin like it be time for club ball to me
cus you mite be gettin the hang of it by now.
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