mud ball

when they be startin the game
it be as brite as can be
the sky couldn't be more blue
but when the face off be done
the darkness did come
the rain be as thick as my brew

and it rain and did rain
through out the hole game
the mud be as thick as glue

the boys they be slidden
the mud it be flyin
sum kid even be losin his shoe

but on they do play
cus this be the big game
and it had to be settle today

now with seconds to go
the shot it did went
and the shot it be goin low

but the shot never bounced
it just went down in the slop
no one could call it a goal

but the goalie he knew
the ball be under his knee
he knew exactly
where that ball do be

he knew if he pushed
pushed just the rite way
before them refs could see

the score would stay tied
and on they would play
and such a hero he be

so what would he do
on this dark rainy day
would he push with his knee
so on they would play?

or would he let the ball lay
in the mud where it was
and be a loser today?

he be watchin the referee
as he be runin to see
where the ball in the mud
do be

what would he do?
what would you do
if that ball be under your knee?
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