sad memories ... valaxfan knows too

what it be like to have a seat not taken
to turn to see your frend cheer with you
and your frend aint there no more
to wish all you can
to want all you want
aint no way to be changin
the seat that just aint taken
you still hear the voice
see the worn teem jacket
you can see the smile
when your teem be scorin
and see the sadness
when you teem be lossin
but there be nothin you can do
when the seat just aint taken

now Lax Fidels,
that was a long time ago it seems
but how long does it have to be
before the seat not taken
wont be matterin to me?

will it be a thousand games
a million great plays
kids and grandkids
that take the pain away

or would I rather
all ways and for the ever
be remberin
that seat not taken.
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