six be piken the tough ones

SU & VA - aint no doubt both teems got a potent and high scorin offense and aint no doubt the defense be a little of a question so it be comin down to this .... Cuse got the advantage at the Dome - no doubt if you ever be playin there and its gonna be an up and down shootin style but to the surpise of all the defenses be steppin up big and the goalies playin out of their minds with Pfeifer makin sum huge saves at the end to be startin sum fast breaks and pullin the game out - final score goin be Cuse 19 and VA 14!
MD & Duke - coach Pretzels boys aint gonna know what be hitten them - ferocious & tenacious defense and a wild MD offense and sum serious goalie play be starten the season out and takin MD to the top - final score be MD 68 and Duke 3. It would be worst but MD gettin 28 penalties will be keepin it this close. P.S. After the game if you look in them stands will be seein the big blue headed swamit runnin out draggin the inflatable Bunny that he be gettin back from Ivyman.

JHU & Princeton - this will be a good one but coach tear-in-the-eye will be havin a tear in the eye when this be over ..... sad but true but them the Ivies be sliden a little ... final be sum thing like JHU 12 and PU 11.5 or there abouts.
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