slim and none?????

this be the game of all games now ....this be the game when the rightous shall be rulin again and coach Tear-in-the-eye will be a crumblin ....this sunny saturday will bring the thousands of the holy and pure Browninites to cheer and celebrate and do the partyin as order is restored in the vines of the Ivy ....the Hugh Bear will be playin like he never played before and there be no goals a scorin against the Livin Legend Bear .... the Tiger has slipped past this den of Bears before but it aint slippin by this time now !!!!

My vision is clear as i see the Browns chargin the field with the sticks a flyin, the fans rushin just behind and coach Scoth Knellon be a smilin whle them Tigers be walkin away with bowed heads and coach Tear-in-the-eye screamin about sum call long forgotten. Sooo Sixpackman be a piken once and only this year (since they finally be lettin me come home) and i be piken the Princeton scorin all of 9 but the Brown be scorin 10 ......
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