bottom of their shoes

the game it be all over now
the guys be piken up their gear
and i just be sitten here
puttin these worn gloves away

i be lookin at my arm
seein a bruise or two
cant remember how i got them
must of hurt cus they be pertty blue

now the ball mark on my leg
i remember that reel well
the goalieman be sayin thanks man
but it sure did hurt like hell

i landed on my shoulder
never did see that slide
came up from down under
and be sendin me for a ride

just sittin on this old bench
feelin the healin summer sun
tinken i just be here awile
rememberin when i was young

i aint in no hurry now
to be piken up all this stuff
and be walkin from this field
and be feelin all the new pain

my lady frend keeps askin me
when i quit playin the game
i'm gonna get hurt so bad
i wont be able to walk away

i wunder how bad the pain be
how bad the hurtin is
the time when you be noin
you just cant play

and i just be wunderin will i walk away sad?
will the young guys be glad?
will i be noin it happened?
but now i be noin this

that day is gettin near
so i just be playin harder
and they can bury me rite here

then i can all ways hear the runnin
i can hear the refs whistle blow
the sound of a horrific check
the cheerin for a goal

but i be tinken the winters be a drag
when this old field of green
is covered in a foot of snow
and no players to be seen

but that just be ok now
cus i be doin what i all ways do
i just be a waiten and gettin ready
only now i be seein the bottom of the shoes
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