sum thing about a teem

the boy be sayin
he be a little tired
even though it be early
he was headin off to bed

big game for him tomorrow
so he be needin all that sleep
dreems i know he be dreemin
keepin dreems i bet

but when the mornin be comin
and i goin in to check
he be sittin on his bed
tears runin down his cheek

one shoe on and one shoe off
lax shirt layin on his lap
his stick be on the bed
next to the yellow lab

so i be sitten next to him
trien to find what the matter be
chokin and a crien
he finally be tellin me

he be feelin reely sick
he aint goin be able to play
so i be holdin him reel tite
trien to take the pain away

as i be holdin him
i just be wunderin
the reason he be crien so...

was it for the dreems not comin true
or his frends he not be seein
a game he not be playin
of cus he not be feelin good

i held him till he fell asleep
covered him all back up
and felt the fever in his head
as he be sleepin in his bed

just a game he be missin
but it sure did break his heart
his frends be tellin him tomorrow
about the game he aint a part

maybe that be the reason for the cryin
not the pain or frends or dreems
it be sum thing about a teem now
just sum thing about a teem
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