sun be a settin ....

The man be sitten in the stands and was watchin the kids play the lax
and it was just for the fun so they be laughin and makin new rules
and just playin as he be readin his book

but as the day wear on and them shadows gettin longer
one of them kids be puttin down his stick
and walkin off the field

while he be facin into the sun as it be a sinkin
he be bendin down reel low and touchin the ground
and then throw up his arms while a jumpin up

it aint too much longer now when the other boys be seein this
and they be puttin down their sticks
and doin the same ground touchin and jumpin

now the man that be watchin all this finally put down his book
and be a wanderin over and askin the kids
why they be ground touchin and jumpin

and them boys say that they be wantin to keep playin
so they be tryin to push that settin sun
back up in the sky

the man smiled a little but didnt laugh
he be tellin them boys there be two things
you just cant do now

he said you cant keep that sun from settin
cus that be what suns do
and the Hofstra wont be in the playoffs this year

them boys where sad and silent with them heads down
but the man said not to worry....

"turn around" he said "and face the other way ....
and you will see the sun rise again
you will be a playin here again
and sum day you will see Brown beat the Princeton"

with them words the boys smiled and left that darkened field
knowin the light be there tomorrow!
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