takin the blame

his face said all that need be said
so young and so sad i thought
and of course everything was his fault
it wasn't the team you see
it is just him to blame he said

not a word was spoken
as we drove home
didn't stop for a soda pop
he just stared out the window
lost in all of them kid thoughts

he went to his room
slamming the door
kicking something across the floor
sitting on his bed i heard his crying
as he locked the world out

when dinner came that night
those smells lured down
that lacrosse child
and it wasn't too long
untill he smiled and laughed again

i watched that young face
with eyes that sparkle so bright
and wondered where
he buried all the pain
that tore at his soul

and i wondered too
if that kid even knew
how i felt
not knowing what to do
to keep that pain
from ever coming back
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