takin what you got

first time i get the ball
i be ready
they all talk how great he be
but i can take him
you just wait and see

i start my first step
turn my back
i move rite in
protectin my stick
gettin all set to drive

but he just be a rock
that i aint movin
i can feel his strength
as he be pushin back
in every thing he be doin

the first check he tries
aint nothin at all
but he was just aimin
cus the second check
nocks loose the ball

he hits me one more time
just to remind me who he be
then easily pushes me aside
scoops up the ground ball
and down the field he flys

it was a long day that day
every check was pure pain
every hit was head rockin
there be no gettin by today
there be no runin away

i was feelin beaten
like i never been beaten before
and when he be nockin me down
it be time number ninety four
and i be layin on the dirt floor
i be sayin i aint gettin up no more

i be hurtin so very bad
my arms must both be broken
i aint shot a shot today
and i be thinken i be crien
i be thinken i just stay rite here
then he wont nock me down no more

it takes a while for me to move
i be crawlin up to my knees
the pain just goes shooting to my head
i be so very slowly standin up to see
but now i hear a distant cheer

cheerin just for me i be thinken
and i feel and arm go under me
i must of played great today
cus they still be cheerin
as that field i just be leavin

now sitten on the bench
feelin all the pain
i just be wunderin
what be hurtin worst
my arms or back or head
or what he took from me today.
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