ten things i be thinken to now

ten great reasons to be poppin a lid for the lacrosse now ...

1. first be winnin or losin a facin off

2. two be throwin a hard check or completely missin the check

3. third be a scorin a goal or missin the goal by a mile

4. fouth now be a great save or lettin that easy shot go in

5. the fifth be a liten fast dodge or fallin flat on your can

6. number six be winin the game or gettin blowin out

7. seven be bein at the game or sittin at home wishin you be at the game

8. the big eight be piken only half the games rite or piken at all

9. the ninth lid popin reason be just talkin and riten and thinkin
about lacrosse sum times

10. and the last reason to be popin a lid for lacrosse is in memory
of all the lacrosse lid poppin that be goin on before!
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