that ball did shine

the sun just be shinen brite
when the attackman made his move
the D man sliped a bit
so to the goal he flew

the slide it be a comin
but the attackman took his shot
the goalie be a dancin
his stick movin all about

the dust be all a stirren
players layin on the ground
all the hitten and a clawin
the refs watchin what be goin on

but out from under this human pile
come the white ball just a rollin
and for maybe a little wile
it layed there all alone

now all us fans did see it
cus in the sun it shown
the players still be fighten
for sumptin there no more

them players finally see it
and they see it all at once
so all the hitten and clawin
just be finden a new place

but i never be forgettin
for how in that vey brief time
a ball be free from hitten
and how that ball did shine
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