to Ivyman ONLY ... Just for the playin'

and as soon as they be lettin me be usin sharp things again and
all i be riten sum more stuff to now and i be watchin the Swamit
reel good and all and i be thinkin the Brown be a risen ......

and i all ways be wunderin
did you play the game for the love
or was it just a game to play?

how do you be knowin ...
is it the tears from losin
or the cheerin from the winin?

is it the standin in the field
and feelin all them feelins
and knowin there be no other place
you'd ever want to be?

or is it sittin in them stands
seein all the green
and wishin with your whole heart
you could only play again?

is it driven that kid to all them games
and never missin a one
holdin your breath with every shot
and feelin their every step?

or is it just the saddness
that you be knowin
when all the games be endin?

old frend i be askin
how do you be knowin
if you play the game for love
or just for the playin?
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