To Ivy Man Only Now!!!

Ivyman .... now i be knowin it be a while and all but i be needin sum serious help with the Ivy boy that we be adoptin since the tragic and sudden passin of his dad that be the mechanic man in the canoein accident and all and any ways it be seemin that the love bug did do sum bitten on the ivy boy and he be plannin to be gettin married this summer and it aint all that great so just dont be cheerin yet cus that girl be a softball girl player and all .... now i be trien to show the ivy boy the mistakin of his ways by first tellin him that sum of them softball girls aint really ... yu know ... and that the laxen and the softball aint goin be a good mix so we be goin and watchin one of them girl games and i gotta be coverin my ears trien to block out that girl screechin and trien to stay awake at the same time and i be lookin over at the ivy boy and he be cheerin for that girl and carrin on like it be a thrillin lax game and all .... it just be makin me sick Ivyman and it just aint can a true blue lax boy be lured in to this????
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