two feet four

now all the games be over
we be on some sandy shore
but here comes this kid a runnin
all of maybe two feet four

his stick gotta be one foot taller
even standin on his toes
but to the goal he is a chargin
goin score a winin goal

he be doin all the craddlin
and throwin a dodge or two
makin moves just like the players do
this kid of two feet four

now he be maybe three feet away
in front of that goal he stand
and with all the strenth that kid got
he fired that ball underhand

no penalty was called for bein in the crease
cus all the refs had long gone home
and there be no goalie makin this save
when this kid be playin his game

there only be the silence
the silence of an empty field
and a kid of only two feet four
scorin all them goals
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