waiten for a bus

from the window i be watchin
as he just be standin
with all his school stuff
and waiten for a bus

checkin now both ways
makin sure there be
no one a watchin
he be puttin down that bag
and just the stick he be holdin

that quiet kid
he begans to dance
a quick turn
a gracefull dodge
slippin down low
he be rippen off a shot

i could see that shot
be goin low to high
and there be no doubt
as he be raisen up them hands
the goalie had no chance

now as he be gettin ready
to do another special move
that school bus be comin fast
and just as quick as it began
that bus stop game be comin to and end

he gathered up all his stuff
and climbed aboard that bus
leavin behind an empty mailbox
a dog watchin behind the fence
and sum foot prints in the grass
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