which be the better shot?

now which be the better shot
i be wunderin that a lot
the shot that be goin true
or the shot that flew and flew and flew

be no question it was great
as the atackman be fallin down
firen off that back hand shot
screemin it along the ground

the goalie doin all he can
but it all just be too quick
that shot just sneekin in
bouncin off the goalies stick

but then there be that other shot
i be rememberin just as well
and just before that middie shot
"Dont shoot" i hear that coach do yell

but crankin up that middie do
while standin 30 yards away
with a grunt and groan
and with all his mite
he let that shot rip loose

and the shot just flew and flew and flew

it be missin by sum 20 yards
over the fence it flew
goin 100 miles an hour
if it be goin two

for a moment there be silence
a husssnessss in the air
that goalie bein thankful
that shot be way out there

now which shot be the better
only you can tell
for me i love em both
i just be glad that i be there.
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