still be the same

i be remeberin it well
and i remember them names
when them folks did come
and be changin the game

they be addin them rules
so we could argue and fight
and they could be blowin whistles
when things just aint be right

all them colors and teems
and standins and rankins
all the cheerin and goatin
and all that hand slappin

it was the score that be matterin
that be now what they said
it be who be winnin or lossin
that be the champ in the end

i remember it well
when they changed the game
but here be the secret now
it still be the same

i seen it in you
when you pick up that stick
that gleem in your eyes
aint playin no tricks

the runnin and shootin
when no ones a round
all that sharin and laughin
with them teem frends you found

the wantin for sprng
to be gettin here soon
so all your winter dreams
can be comin true

so they can add all the glitz
and all of the clutter
make all them rules
and throw in teem colors
they can do all they want
to claim its their game
but it aint be matterin
cause it still be the same
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