more perfect

and the boy be comin home bein all upset sayin i never be good and i want to be perfect. that be what that boy be sayin now.
and the dad be takin that boy out the side and sayin look at that old tree now and askin that boy what he be seein. He be askin that boy if that tree be perfect.
and the boy be lookin at the old tree with them broken branches and big nobs and nurled bark and the boy be admittin that tree be perfect just like it be.
and the dad be sayin to look at the grass and look at the clouds and look at all the around and the boy be seein all that stuff and sayin it be perfect too now.
and the dad be sayin to the boy that he be made just the same and no matter what and no matter for the ever the boy be just as perfect too. just like he be.
so the dad be sayin go do the playin the best you can and you will all ways and always be perfect.
and that be what the boy did do.

and so it be that the dad be askin how the game did go
and the boy be sayin he be doin his best and bein perfect and all
but today the boy be laughin and sayin
the goalie man must be perfect too
and today just a little more peftect then me.
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