thankful day

he be only four
when i be givin him a kid stick
and we be goin outside to do the playin

and on that sunny day we played

i be showin him the catchin
and the throwin
and the scoopin

but he had to be pikin that ball up
and puttin in the pocket
there be no great scoopin this day

when he be throwin
there be no tellin where it be goin
so i be runin and fetchin and runin some more
there be no great throwin this day

and no matterin how easy
and no matterin how close we be
there be no great catchin this day either

but we sure be doin a lot of laughin this day
and he sure be doin a whole lot of smilin too

now that day just be like yesterday
and it be my favorite day i be thinkin
i always be thankful for that day
all ways
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