checkin air

We told the big D-man he wont be gettin no help today
there wont be no slides comin his way
Today he had to take him man-to-man
he had to force him to shoot or pass it away

and we must have told the big D-man a hundred times
when he hangs the stick he be baiten you
dont be trien that check or you be checkin air
now we told him that a hundred times before the game

now the games a goin and just as we do plan
the big D-mans attackman got that ball doin all he can
and he cuts and drives and i be callin out to stop his man
and just as we had told that big D-man a hundred times
dont be trien that check your or be checkin air

now the attackman be hangin the stick where all can see
and like he dont here me callin not listen to the goalie
the big D-man plants his feet and he goes and be checkin
and like we be tellin him one hundred times all he be checkin is air

the attackman just pulls it in and steps on by
now it just be me and him staring eye-to-eye
and i be tinken how stupid can that big D-man be
when we had told him a hundred times

now just as he be goin to take that shot
and i be trien not to move too soon
i see in just a flash that big stick comin back around
and i be seein that attckman stick layin on the ground
the ball be flyin out and all the diven and hitten
and sum how we be gitten that ball and headin up the field

now i be lookin at that big D-man
and inside that dark helmit i be seein it
i be seein that great big toothy grin
and we be walkin back-up to midfield watchin the attackmen

now i be given that big D-man a pat on the back
and i be tellin him like i tell him one hundred times before
he be the man no doubt about it
yep the big D-man be the man for ever and more.
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