inside crien

he be doin everything you see
he be havin it all planned
there be some pain and sufferin
that just goes as said
but it all be worth it in the end

he be havin it all planned
how all them things turn out in the end
with all the practicin and workin out
he be gettin better each day
there could be no other way

how all them coaches say
just how great he be
he just be takin charge
havin it all his way
scorin all them goals
there could be no doubt
he would be the best one day

but now on the bench he sat
and how all them things do change
all that plannin goin away
all that practicin seemin such a waste
and all his dreams be lost in space
when the better kid be gettin to play

but he cheered from the side
he kept on practicin hard
did the workin out and all
made folks proud
never given up it seemed
and never tellin no one
how much the hurtin be
how much he be crien inside
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