i be hard thinkin to be goin to the Duke now

many folks not be noin the truth and all about the Duke. Duke actually be and the truth be comin that the Ekud indian tribe that be migratin from the Canada durin the French vs the indian war was and all and the Ekud tribe was all about the peace and the love and never be hurtin no one and moved to the mountain of the North Carolina and be teachin the secret of this tradition and great knowledge and to be hiden the name and protectin their great knowledge of love and goodness they be reversin the tribe name Ekud to the Duke and callin them all the Dukees and startin the school of the Duke and you should also be noin the name Ekud be meanin the "great ball carriers" and many folks not noin the Ekuds be the teachers of the game and they be teachin all the other tribes as they be seekin the safety of the mountains and it be a great honor and all to be the coach of the famous Ekud tribe now lost and found. This be the truth and all and so i be thinkin i might just be applyin and all for the job. it be of the greatest honor.

i no i be given up the Brown job that soon be a comin and that be my favorite teem and all but i be goin back to the great people and you be sayin why i be qualified and i be tellin you i be the only livin player not playin that be a four time all american in each of the playin positions at four different schools and some other things two.
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