new lacrosse ball bein tested

i be hearin from reliable sources and all that a new ball is bein considerin for next fall ball to be trien and testin and the ball be a bit liter and have more bounch and softer so not be so hard and causin the injuries and interesting the ball will be slitley oval allowin the ball to be curved when thrown and takin irrigular bounces when hitten the ground to liven up the game and make more interestin to both the fans and players. The ball will remain white but teams will be permitted to put their own logo on the ball. Other balls considred was a glow type of ball and a nother ball that i cant be remember rite now.

marketing of the new ball and all

it be my under of the standing that the new ball be comin out of a New York company (not sure of the name and all but upstate some where of other) and this ball be considered a safer ball. lots of worrin about folks bein hurt and goalies be sufferin the brain damage and stuff. i do be noin if they put them little dimples on the ball it be all ways and forever goin to the right.

The ball shooter

as i be sure you be noin, coach Tear in the Eye be stillin the ball shooter for the goalie practicin and i aint got one dime from it but instead be gettin fined and all for launchin the fire balls over the lake and stuff and i be thinkin that coach Tear in the Eye be behind all this ball stuff and may be will be sellin the ball shooter for goalie practicin soon.

but the softer oval shapin ball will be tested soon you can be sure and all of that.
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