hummin boy

you can be sure
the coach be a sayin
when he start singin a song
it be to the goal he be goin
you just wait and see

there aint goin be no feed
there aint goin be no pass
it just goin be you and he
and to the goal he be goin
you just wait
you just see .....

so he be gettin the ball
10 yards outside the crease
and that just be fine
just him and me
and that be the way
i be wantin all to be

i be sayin
come on baby,
aint no slide a comin
there be no double teem
just you
just me

now he steppin back
a smile i be seein
as he start hummin some tune
and makin his move

i be checkin him hard
slammin him back
knockin him down
kickin that dust around

them refs flags come a flyin
but i got no carin
this hummin boy aint ever to forget
the tune he be a singin
when i be kickin his a**.......

and to this day
i still be hearin
that silly tune

and to this day
i aint knowin how
you can shoot that shot

but i be havin time that day
while i be kneelin in the box
tryin to figure out
why i didn't want no help.
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