dream findin

the little guy be layin in bed
and i be sittin by his side
it be late but he be fighten
not wantin to sleep tonight
as i be strokin his hair

so i be tellin him of his dream to be
how he be scoopin up that ball
and runnin down the field
doin the dodgin and weaven

and oh what a shot it goin be
how he be lettin it fly
with just a second to go
hittin right in that corner
and winnin the game

and all the team kids be a cheerin
runnin and a jumpin and smilin
and how proud and good he be feelin
and how we would be talkin drivin home
then tellin mom all about the game

as i be lookin now at his young face
i be seein that somewhere in the tellin
the boy be findin his dreamin tonight
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