Six's Six Lax Commandments

1. Be lovin yourself first and in the beginnin. You where meant to be here right now and for the ever ... to this teem, to the coach and to all the stuff that be, you be just as important and just as amazin as anything that be.

2. Be lovin all that be playin ... be lovin all you play with and against and every blade of grass on the field and from all that you will be finden the greatness in you

3. Forgive yourself for everything and then some ... for every practice you be missen, bad shots you be taken, goals you be letin in and all them other things we can't be a mentionin but only you be knowin ... and

4. Forgive everyone else ... forgive them refs for them bad calls or the coach not playin you or the times you got let down ... forgive everything for only in the forgiven and forgettin can you be goin forward ... if you be playin in the past then you be losin your future

5. Be judgin no one ... this game be comin way too fast and you aint got time and it aint be your job .... play the game and be suprised ... and they will suprise you

6. Know you already be in heaven ... when you be pickin up the stick and hearin the wistle blow and the game be comin at you, you be knowin you be in heavin ... so enjoy and know the secret that when you be playin there can only be heaven.

ps but most important and still my favor rite ... in the end always and all ways be enjoying a good drink with your teem frends.
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