sumptin i be missin

now the coach be sayin
play with all your heart
play with all you got
don't be holdin nothin back
be given all you got

but what if i be givin all i got
and i be playin with all my heart
and i be holdin nothin back
and it be no good

what if my shots get stopped
and the ball be checked away
what if i get pounded in the dirt
what if i look like a fool

if i can't be beatin my man
if i aint scorin no goals
if i aint makin the play
if the fans ain't cheerin my name

if i be given all i got
and it aint good enough
will i ever be playin again
can i ever be facin my frends

or will i smile in the knowin
and play the game that i love
not hear a word they be sayin
will i laugh and keep playin

but since i already know what
i do choose
the question that be
is what do you do?
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