when Jesus be the goalie

"this just aint right" i be tellin the coach
"the hole game he be sittin on the side
and now that it be overtime
they be puttin Jesus in the goal"

i be cryin and a moanin
sayin how we goin score
i mean like look man
Jesus be in goal

well the face off it do happin
just like they all ways do
and the ball be comin my way
just like i knew it would

but what was i to do
aint no use in prayin
cus the man be sittin in the goal
and i knew he knew what i be thinkin
and where my shot would go

but i got the ball
made my move
with the d-man poundin on my arm
Jesus start yellin check and all
and a slide be comin hard

i never did see the shot i took
cus i was lookin toward the sky
but i was knowin very certin now
that it be at least 10 feet wide

but i heard a clunk and clank
as i be laying in the dirt
and then no sound at all
it be as if the world had stopped
when i be gitten up to see

i saw that ball a layin
just a few inches in side the line
with Jesus lookn down
and then the crowd be cheerin
and my teem be goin wild

but i be watchin Jesus
to see what he would do
but Jesus just be walkin over
smilin and helpin me get up

that was the last i be seein of him
i heard he never played no more
but i be certain of one thing for sure
it be a miracle when i did score
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