momma be knowin

there be no great checks again
there be no more goals scored
no more runnin on the field
no more cheerin with his teem
there be no more

but momma never cared much
about them checks and goals
and what the score ever be

momma cared about the smilin
lovin to hear his voice
lovin all that he be
lovin he
he be no more

but momma still be feelin him
feelin him so deep inside
feelin all them smiles
and all them laughin and cryin
momma still be feelin him

momma be knowin
as the form be goin
his spirit she be findin
in every wind blowin
in every sound spokin
in every smile given
momma she be knowin

momma she be knowin
where ever she be goin
he be there with her too
he be there always
always and all ways
momma be noin.
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