Does Getting Those Ground Balls Really Matter?
Statistics and Their Relationship to Win-Loss Records in Menís and Womenís Division I Lacrosse
Extra-Man Opportunities and Free Positions

There is nothing to differentiate teams in terms of power ratings or win-loss record when the EMO success rate (that is, EMO goals divided by EMO opportunities) is 31.5% or below. The average WL for these three groups is roughly 0.400. When EMO success is above the 31.5% mark, however, the average WL is about 0.610, and the computer ratings are several points higher as well. Virtually the same type of relationship occurs for opponent EMO success, except in reverse of course.

Team and opponent free position success rates show a little more orderly relationship to WL and PR. Still, even here the effects are more notceable at the extremes.

Men's Division I

EMO Success≤ 21.5%21.6-26.0%26.1-31.5%31.6-36.0%> 36.0%
Computer Rating88.290.289.492.893.3
W-L Percentage0.3830.4170.3850.6140.609

Opponent EMO Success≤ 24.0%24.1-27.5%27.6-30.0%30.1-33.0%> 33.0%
Computer Rating93.093.389.190.689.1
W-L Percentage0.5740.6150.4180.4050.441

Women's Division I

Free Position Success≤ 34.0%34.1-37.0%37.1-42.0%42.1-46.0%> 46.0%
Computer Rating76.682.485.284.886.5
W-L Percentage0.3380.4870.5570.4750.586

Opp. Free Pos. Success≤ 32.5%32.6-38.0%38.1-42.0%42.1-46.0%> 46.0%
Computer Rating86.582.584.281.580.0
W-L Percentage0.6140.5110.5210.4530.322

We turn our attention next to the statistic in the title, ground balls.

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