Does Getting Those Ground Balls Really Matter?
Statistics and Their Relationship to Win-Loss Records in Menís and Womenís Division I Lacrosse
Turnovers and Caused Turnovers

The tables and graphs below provide figures for turnover (TO) and caused turnover (CT) margin, with both statistics based on teams' vs. opponents' averages per game.

There is a strong inverse relationship between turnover margin and WL records. For example, teams that on average commit 1.75 or fewer TOs per game than their opponents have a combined 0.666 record. Teams averaging 1.50+ TOs more than opponents have a record of just 0.273.

Caused turnovers also have a strong impact, as can be seen below, but the relationship is not as linear as it is in the case of turnovers.

Women's Division I

Turnover Margin≤ -1.75-1.74 thru -0.50-0.49 thru +0.750.76-1.50> 1.50
Computer Rating89.383.882.681.478.7
W-L Percentage0.6660.5640.4910.4300.273

Caused TO Margin≤ -1.50-1.49 thru -0.25-0.24 thru +1.001.01-2.00> 2.00
Computer Rating76.384.381.385.290.2
W-L Percentage0.3330.4440.4360.5690.696

Our final look at statistics involves clearing success.

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