Does Getting Those Ground Balls Really Matter?
Statistics and Their Relationship to Win-Loss Records in Menís and Womenís Division I Lacrosse
Clearing Success

Clearing success margins are obtained by subtracting teams' clearing success percentages from those of their opponents. As with many of the other statistics, these differentials produce more orderly results than do looking at either team or opponent statistics separately.

For men's teams, having more than 6.0% clearing edge over opponents is associated with an average WL record of 0.672 and a PR of 94.4 (which would rank 9th). Teams in the lowest group (a margin of -6.5% or worse), on the other hand, had a record of 0.278 and a PR of 86.6 (which would rank 49th).

For women's teams, the effect of clearing success margin on WL and PR is not as linear in nature, but the results at the extremes are much the same. The win-loss records of the top and bottom groups are 0.624 and 0.264, respectively. The effect on PR is less dramatic, but there is still a 10-point difference between the best and worst clearing groups.

Men's Division I

Clearing Margin≤ -6.5%-6.4% thru -1.5%-1.4% thru +2.0%2.1-6.0%> 6.0%
Computer Rating86.689.492.592.294.4
W-L Percentage0.2780.3920.5260.5750.672

Women's Division I

Clearing Margin≤ -6.5%-6.4% thru -1.5%-1.4% thru +3.0%3.1-6.0%> 6.0%
Computer Rating77.083.080.787.187.1
W-L Percentage0.2640.4670.4700.6420.624

Let's conclude by taking a look at how this year's champions fared.

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