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These questions are for amusement only, and there is no prize for answering them correctly.  Do you have an idea for a trivia question?  Send your idea, along with any photos or graphics files and supporting information, to, and we'll review it.  If we use it, we'll be happy to credit you.

Quiz Number 1:

What do Princeton's competitors have in common?

Quiz Number 2:

Who is he, and where did he play?

Quiz Number 3:

A goalie's worst nightmare! From the morph, can you name the shooter, the dodger, and the feeder?

Quiz Number 4:

Identify the teams!

usnews.jpg (15198 bytes)

famous.jpg (2327 bytes)

Quiz Number 5:

From the scholar-athlete list, what do Yale, North Carolina, Williams, Amherst, Dartmouth, and Bowdoin have in common?

Quiz Number 6:

Two players: One played with Jim Brown, one played against him.  One is an artist, one is a famous sport's commentator.  Who are they?

See Quiz 7 For Picture

No Picture

Quiz Number 7:

What is wrong with this picture?  Your browser must support Java.

Quiz Number 8:

Can you name this former lax player who is in the Football Hall of Fame?

map.jpg (3927 bytes)

Quiz Number 9:

High School Lacrosse is banned
in which state and why?

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