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General Information

The format for the NCAA Division II Women's Lacrosse Championship is a 4-team, single-elimination tournament.  Teams must play a minimum of 10 games against Divisions I, II, and III opponents, and games tied after regulation play must be decided in overtime.

See conferences for members and current standings.

Primary Factors for Selecting Teams.

The selection committee considers the following factors, not in priority order, in making the tournament selections:
  • Division II in-region won-lost record
  • Strength of schedule in-region (winning percentage and opponents' winning percentage)
  • Over .500 record vs. opponents in Division II
  • Results of head-to-head competition
  • Results vs. common opponents

Secondary Factors for Selecting Teams If the evaluation of the primary criteria does not result in a decision by the committee, the following secondary criteria will be evaluated.

  • Late-season performance
  • Wins over teams with record above .750
  • Overall Division II record
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