The NCAA Selection committees examine certain criteria which influence their decisions in the selection process for the NCAA tournaments. These criteria may include the following:

(1) Computer ratings
(2) Polls
(3) RPI
(4) Strength of schedule
(5) Quality wins
(6) Losses
(7) Trend

Computer Ratings

The NCAA has their its computer rating. LaxPower's computer power rating is based on goal margins, strength of opponent, and game site (home, away or neutral site).


The various coaches' polls are used for this component.


RPI is a rating based on win-loss-tie records of a team, its opponents, and its opponents' opponents.

Strength of Schedule

There are numerous ways for determining strength of schedule. LaxPower uses the power ratings of a team's opponents and does a weighted average. We take the average of all opponents' PR and take a power of that sum so that games against stronger opponents count more than games against weaker opponents.

Quality Win Factor

The Quality Win Factor is based on the number of wins against quality opponent, which is generally defined as a team which is ranked in the top 10 by the coaches' poll. Every time a team beats a team in the polls, it receives a quality win. If a team falls from the polls, then quality wins by teams that beat them disappear. Defeating the number one team is worth 1.0 quality win points and defeating the 20th team is worth 0.05 quality win points.

Loss Factor

The Loss Factor is simply the sum of all losses by a team.


Games played later in the season count more than games played earlier in the season, so the number of losses by a team in its last five games is counted and decreases the chances of a team making the tournament.


Assuming that the poll being used ranks 20 teams, the TSI is equal to the sum of the following:

TSI = – (21 – Poll) + PR ranking + RPI Ranking + SOS Ranking – Quality Wins + Losses + Trend

If the poll contains 25 teams, the first term is then (26 – poll). If the poll contains just 10 teams, the first term is then (11 – poll).

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