New Mexico — Sat Oct 19 10:18:51 EDT 2013

These three tables list total adjusted goals/game scored, allowed and net difference. They are listed best to worse. This factor is not used in the power rating calculation. They are adjusted as follows:

Offensive goals/game = (no of goals scored + adjustment1) / games played
Defensive goal/game = (no of goals allowed + adjustment2) / games played
Net goals/game = (Adjusted Off goals/game - Adjusted Def goals/game)

adjustment1 = goals scored - opponents ave defensive goals/game
adjustment2 = goals allowed - opponents ave offensive goals/game
Adjustments are summed over all games.
Use the Report Scores link for both scores and missing games.

Offensive Defensive Net Rk Team Gls/Gm Team Gls/Gm Team Gls/Gm
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