New Mexico — Wed Jun 25 09:52:12 EDT 2014

Promoting sportsmanship, all goals beyond a 10 goal margin of victory (TGL) are ignored in the power rating calculation. National ratings relating one state to another are based on interdivision games and an analysis is provided here. See Goals link above for offensive goals, defensive goals and net goals for each team. Frequently Asked Questions. The regular season is 100.0 % completed.

Use the Report Scores link for both scores and missing games.
Norm Reg Rnk Team PR In Cor Chp WL Pct W L T 1 Santa Fe Prep 50.00 99.90 0.04 0.00 1.00 1- 0- 0
NM Indep
                                          Conference          Overall
    Team                              PR   W   L   T    Pct.   W  L  T    Pct.
1   Santa Fe Prep                   50.00  0   0   0    0.00   1  0  0    1.00
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