Automatic Qualifiers and At-Large Teams

The Division I Men's Lacrosse Championship is an 18-team, single-elimination tournament.  Ten conferences are eligible for automatic qualification.  However, the four lowest-ranked AQ teams, regardless of conference RPI, will compete in play-in games to determine the final two teams in the 16-team bracket, where they will face the #1 and #2 seeds.  The remaining teams are selected at large.  Conferences with Automatic Qualifiers (AQs) are:
America East
Atlantic Coast (ACC)
Atlantic Sun
Big East
Colonial (CAA)
Ivy League
Metro Atlantic
Northeast (NEC)
Patriot League
See conferences for members and current standings.

A team must play a minimum of 10 games against Division I opponents during the regular season to be considered for selection.  To be considered as an at-large selection, a team must have a .500 or better record against Division I opponents.

Primary Criteria for Selecting At-Large Teams

The Division I Men's Lacrosse Committee employs criteria specified in NCAA Bylaws.  When selecting teams for possible at-large berths, primary factors considered when reviewing teams' won-loss records and strength of schedule are (not in priority order) as follows: Input is also provided by the Regional Advisory Committee. However, coaches' polls or other rankings are not used by the selection committee.

The top eight teams are seeded and separated in the bracket, with the remaining eight placed geographically with consideration also given to separating conference opponents in the first round.

LaxPower's educated guess at tournament selections are listed here.

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