General Information

The Division II Men's Lacrosse Championship consists of an eight-team, single-elimination tournament.  Pairings are determined by regional alignments (North and South), with four teams being selected from each region.  Teams must have a .500 or better record versus Division II opponents to be considered.  There is no automatic qualification for the tournament.

See conferences for members and current standings.  The distribution of conferences by geographic region is as follows:

North Region
Northeast-10 Conference (12)
East Coast Conference (9)
Independent (1)
South Region
Conference Carolinas (7)
South Atlantic (8)
Sunshine (6)
Independents (16)

Primary Factors for Selecting Teams

The Division II Men's Lacrosse Committee considers won-loss record and strength of schedule in selecting teams. In addition, the Committee considers the following primary criteria (in no specified order) in making at-large selections for the tournament:
  • In-region RPI
  • In-region winning percentage
  • Overall RPI
  • Common opponents
  • In-region head-to-head competition
Secondary Factors for Selecting Teams

If evaluation of the primary criteria does not result in a decision, the committee will consider the following secondary criteria. If two teams are being considered and examining head-to-head data produces a result, the remaining criteria are not considered. However, it does not produce a result, both remaining criteria must be evaluated.
  • Head-to-head results*
  • Overall record
  • Quality wins (in-region results against teams with RPI of 1-4)
* In the event the head-to-head data produces a result, criteria B and C are not considered.  If the head-to-head data does not produce a result, then both B AND C must be considered.

Input is also provided by regional advisory committees.  However, coaches' or other polls or rankings are not used by the selection committee.

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