Post-Collegiate Leagues — Wed Jun 25 16:38:18 EDT 2014

Upsets are listed in order of magnitude based on score and power rating. An upset occurs when a team of lower power rating beats a team of higher power rating. Home advantage is not included. An upset requires the Power Ratings of the two teams to be at least two points apart. Upsets may disappear as the season progresses because as power ratings are adjusted, the difference in ratings between two teams may fall below two points.
LaxPower congratulates NYAC 2014 ALL champion and Alexandria 2014 Stars & Stripes champion.
No Underdog Team (UT) Favorite Team (FT) Score UT FT PR PR 1 Bud Light vs Cardinal Tavern 5 4 81.1 86.5 2 Great American LC at GMH Philadelphia 12 11 93.8 98.7 3 Brooklyn at Lacrosse Unlimited 15 9 90.4 93.3
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